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Founded in 2015, the history of ParaPoly began as a classic escape room in Fürth, Franconia. Established in the cellar vault of Gartenstrasse 7 at the time, the company of MaKi Escape GmbH was one of the first escape room providers in Germany under the name ParaPark.
In 2018, we decided to expand the range of games to offer fans and friends of the Escape Game world even more unforgettable moments.

The idea: "One room is not enough, the whole city can be an escape room!"

That was the birth of ParaPoly!

In close cooperation with the Escape Games mastermind and ParaPark inventor Attila Gyurkovics, we then developed the first game of its kind that can be played 24/7/365 at any time.

Just one year later, the first ParaPoly track, "The Order of the Liberated", was launched in Nuremberg.
Only a short time later, other cities such as Munich, Berlin, Mannheim, Hamburg and Hanover followed.

Today, ParaPoly is your experience provider for outdoor puzzle fun with partners all over Europe.

The most mysterious game in the city

where you are the protagonist and the city is the game board. Figure out what the clues mean, solve the puzzles and track down the mystery.Each course, you will be faced with yet another secret and it will be up to you and your team to uncover it.To start playing, all you need to do is get a plucky team together (at least 2, maximum 6 people), buy a ticket and activate the game while equipped with a charged smartphone, 100 MB mobile net, a pen, and a map from us, we will send you an email containing all the information you need to get started. You can begin our adventure at any time and if you are hungry or tired, feel free to take a break. You do not have to stick to opening hours or keep playing if the weather gets bad, the main thing is that you have to make sure you don’t run out of the maximum 48 hours you have to solve the mystery. 

Who do we recommend Parapoly to?

If you would like to do something a little out of the ordinary for team-building at your company and you've already completed all the courses at ParaPark, don’t worry, ParaPoly will offer similar exciting challenges. Add a little sightseeing to your team-building, think on the next puzzle while you walk around and if you’re feeling tired, sit down to give it some thought while enjoying a cup of coffee or a pint of beer. Maybe you would like to have several teams competing with one another and whoever solves the last mystery in their course first is the ‘best-built team. Click here for further details.

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An activity for the whole family

Is the classic family sightseeing tour boring for the kids? Spice things up with some adventurous problem-solving. Sign up for the most mysterious board game in town, solve the mysteries together and have the most interesting family sightseeing experience possible. Once you’ve solved all the puzzles, you will have not only the experience of playing a fun game together, but you will also have gotten to know the city of Pécs a little better too. Don’t hesitate to drop by an art exhibition or stop for some refreshments along the way as the game gives you 48 hours to complete it.


Are you on your last days as a free man or woman? Maybe it’s your birthday? Whether its bachelor or bachelorette party, a birthday or any other special occasion you would like to celebrate and make memorable, why not get the party started with an exciting urban board game? Pick the place to continue the evening or set the mood before the party with a little pub crawl, but remember, alcohol will not help you solve the puzzles.

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